Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day

OMG, I'm so behind on EVERYTHING ... including posting about our Mother's Day celebration, which was more than a week ago now. Lately, I just don't know how time keeps slipping away from me?!?

Anyway ... Sal and I and Buddy and Aruba spent an extended weekend with our Moms to celebrate their special day! And since I'm a "Dog Mom", even I got special treatment! My Mom made me her fabulous cocoa logs, my favorite cookies EVAH !! And Buddy & Aruba "wrote" a sweet card to me (thanks Sal, *wink*). Woof!

We treated my Mom to a dozen gourmet cookies, custom-made by Sal's cousin, who owns Susan's Decorated Sweets. They were gorgeous ... and delicious! And we all went to a park on the water to enjoy Mother's Day breakfast together and watch dolphins play.

Sal cooked his Mom a special pasta lunch (it was yummy!), and the 3 of us enjoyed it together. She's a Dog Mom too, to cute little Noel.
Hope all the Moms out there enjoyed a special day!

And now another whirlwind week begins ... including preparing for our next big adventure! Stay tuned to see Where In The World we are! I'll be posting pics taken with our new camera --- I'm finally stepping into the world of digital SLR! Just got myself a Canon Rebel XS, supposedly a great camera for SLR newbies ... I've gotta get practicing with it! Over the years, I've taken some great shots with our point-and-shoot, and even my iPhone camera, but I'm excited at the new possibilities, and taking my photography to the next level.

Have a great week ahead,