Monday, October 25, 2010

... 42 ...

Hey there! Hope you enjoyed the weekend?

I spent mine relaxing, enjoying my birthday! Seems like not long ago I was at my 40th birthday party, and now I'm a gal "in my forties", oh well. So I took an afternoon off to go to the spa ... I tried a new one ... and although I didn't love the spa facility itself (too noisy, not "tranquil" enough!), the massage was enjoyable. And although Sal has been sick with the flu (bummer!), we were able to spend some time together and celebrate a little bit.

And last week, the students who I work with in Sal's research lab thoughtfully surprised me with flowers, a balloon, and this DECADENT cake!

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Momofboys said...

well happy birthday to you!!! glad you enjoyed your birthday. so sorry to hear that sal wasn't feeling well...hope he's all better now though!! enjoy your 43rd year =)