Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where In The World ... have I been?

Wow, have I been M.I.A. from my blog lately, or what? I've missed blogging!

November was such a BLUR for me ... so busy with work, etc. ... it was so hard to keep up with everything because Sal and I were both fighting a nasty flu for several weeks! Neither of us could shake it! Thankfully, we're both (nearly) 100% recovered and the timing couldn't be better ... because we're off to The Land of Aloha soon!

I'm busting with excitement, I absolutely LOVE Hawaii !!! I've been anticipating this trip for months. Sal is attending a chemistry conference in Honolulu to present his incredible research. And we're extending the trip to celebrate our 20th anniversary (again) on Maui. We spent our actual anniversary day (back in August) on Amelia Island, but we want to celebrate this BIG occasion in a BIG (and super romantic) way!

Hope you'll join me here at Where In The World? as I share our journey across 4 of the magical Hawaiian islands.


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Maria J. said...

I was wondering what happened. I'm glad that you are both feeling better :-) HAVE AN AWESOME TIME IN HAWAII!!!!! I'm sure that won't be too difficult to do.

Maria and the boys