Friday, November 4, 2011

that other "Where In The World?"

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Day 1 = Namibia, Africa
Day 2 = Madrid, Spain
Day 3 = Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Day 4 = Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Day 5 = Barbados

Finally ... it's back!

It's time once again for the Where In The World is Matt Lauer? annual travel adventure on The Today Show. Love the series, and the name! {wink} It was on hiatus for a while because of the sour economy. The producers felt that no one was in the mood to see him globe-trotting from one exotic destination to another. I was disappointed tho, because we can still dream, right?

Anyway... he'll visit 5 places, all kept secret until they're individually revealed on the day of the show. The day prior to each live episode from a new locale, Matt gives a clue about where he'll be the next day, and they're usually doozies ... so difficult! As a travel connoisseur, I consider myself fairly good at geography, but his clues are cryptic, obscure. I can figure only some of them out!

This morning Matt gave the first clue since the series starts on Monday, 11/7. It's the 10th anniversary of WITW, so I bet he has some special surprises for us. Can't wait!

So ... Where In The World? would YOU like to go? Sorry, I'm not Oprah and I'm not giving away a trip. Just thought it would be fun for us to dream BIG !! Let me know ... leave a comment on this post (remember, no account or sign-in is required to comment! just choose the "name/URL" option and input your name, initials, or whatever... the URL is optional). Or, I know that some of my readers don't like to leave comments, and prefer to e-mail me instead ... and that's OK! Would love to hear what your dream destinations are!

Some of the places on my travel wishlist? The Galapagos Islands, Africa (safari), Tahiti, Easter Island, Spain, Peru, India, Bermuda, Japan, Iceland, Morocco ... OK, I can't stop! Soon I'll be revealing Where In The World? Sal and I will be exploring in 2012 !! {the planning (and budgeting) is in progress!} Maybe I'll post some cryptic clues before the reveal, LOL !!

Enjoy the weekend (and that extra hour!),


Shannon said...

Australia, Africa, Spain, Scotland, New Zealand....okay I have the same problem....I can't stop.....

Momofboys said...

I'm sure I could mention a loooong list of places but I would like to return to our honeymoon spot in Bermuda...such a lovely island! Hopefully one day we will get back there. Can't wait to see WITW you'll be going next!!