Friday, March 9, 2012

I fall for color....

Every year when October rolls around, I get a bit frustrated, thinking how I've always wanted to go to New England -- Vermont in particular -- to see the fiery & colorful show that the turning leaves put on there. I love color!! And every year I think, "maybe next year....."

Well, 2012 is "next year"! This fall, Sal and I are heading to Vermont to do some LEAF PEEPING (and yes, there's even an app for that!) ... I'm SO excited! :-) I mean, look at this!
I've had to start planning early ... everything books-up well in advance; after all, people travel from all over the world to see this arboreal spectacle!We'll probably stop first in a couple of other New England states; Sal will visit some prestigious universities to share his exciting research! Plus, I'll get to visit my friend Teri who lives in Massachusetts, yay! {waving hello!}

Then we'll be off to Vermont to stay in cozy country inns, visit quaint small towns and covered bridges, drive scenic country lanes, hike trails ablaze in red & orange & gold, browse in little country stores, go on a hayride (Sal's cringing at the thought!), visit a pumpkin patch, pick just-ripened apples at an oh-so-fragrant orchard ... all that quintessential autumn stuff that we can't do here in practically year-round-summer Florida (not that I'm complaining, ha!). Other than Boston and Cape Cod, we've never been to New England, and I really look forward to experiencing this part of the USA.

And, as I usually do when planning a trip, I've added on a bonus excursion ... something else I've always wanted to do! ... we'll drive east through the autumn splendor of the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire to the stunning coast of Maine, where we'll explore spectacular Acadia National Park.

Not that I'm rushing 2012, but I can't wait to "leave" !!

Enjoy the weekend,


Momofboys said...

Sounds like its going to be a leaf luscious adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

you are too cute...waving back! can't wait to see you, my friend. you will LOVE it here! :)