Monday, October 22, 2012

inspired by Vermont....

Hi everyone... hope you had a great weekend?

Ready for the Presidential debate tonight? Or sick of it all? Either way, there's excitement in the air here because it's being held in our neck-of-the-woods, in Boca Raton, just down the road from us. Hoping for some SNL-worthy moments tonight, LOL !!

I was so inspired by all the wonderful fall colors and decor that I recently saw in Vermont! So over the weekend, while at the grocery store, I saw these beautiful mums {impulse purchase} and couldn't resist bringing a little bit of autumn to our Florida foyer.

Over the weekend I was also getting my new iPhone set up (thanks for all your help with that, Sal!). We (finally) upgraded to the iPhone 5... we still had iPhone 3's so we were way behind, it was definitely time to upgrade! I am loving the new HD camera (which is what I took this photo with) and I am dictating this blog post using Siri (the iPhone voice assistant) into my iPhone, directly into my Blogger app... how cool is that?!

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