Friday, May 24, 2013

a long week

I have a new appreciation for what caregivers endure.

Things have been quiet here at WITW? for a while because I've been overwhelmed with caring for Buddy & Aruba.  Juggling lots of appointments with veterinary specialists, and constant dispensing and refilling of medicines... our kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy.  Worst of all tho is the sadness of watching my precious pups age.

The good news is that, with all the care + meds, they are stable, comfortable, content.  They are not in pain--- my biggest concern!!  The bad news is that Buddy's eyes are deteriorating rather than healing (the corneas of both eyes are perforated, the right much worse than the left), something that happens with age.  Earlier this week, his opthalmologist said that it's just a matter of time before he'll need his right eye removed.  Could be a month. 7 months. A year. We have no way to know.  We're putting off this surgery because Buddy's overall health is just not ideal for it; according to his cardiologist, the anesthesia could be life-threatening.  

Tough decisions.

This miracle dog has survived lung cancer (against the odds!) and congestive heart failure.  So I'm grappling with the cold hard fact that it might be his eye that is the ultimate threat to his life.  Huh ???

I hope you have a pleasant weekend (it's a 3-day holiday here in the US)... I hope to get some rest.

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Momofboys said...

oh poor buddy!!! so sorry i'm just catching up on here and seeing this...amazing how much he has endured and overcome and now this...i hope that he is able to hold on for a good time and hopefully not need any surgery!