Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creative Escape 2010: day 1

My body clock is finally getting back on "east coast" time, it always takes me a while. So I'm getting unpacked, catching up on things at work, running errands ... back to reality!

I had such a FAB time at Creative Escape 2010, as always it was an amazing event! And with all the fun & festivity & friends, I didn't have a spare second to blog from Arizona, sorry! I hardly had time to sleep it seems, LOL. So I'll be sharing the details with you now, one day of the event at a time.

When I left for CE, it was SO difficult to say good-bye to Sal ... and how do you say good-bye to these sweet angels ???

I knew I'd miss them so much! But, I also knew I would see them in just a few days, inspired and rejuvenated!

The trip to AZ, although at a painfully early hour, went smoothly and during my flight to Phoenix, I saw "pillows" of clouds as far as the eye could see ... kinda dreamy:

I got checked-in to my cozy room at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort, with a spectacular view awaiting from my balcony:

After an early wake-up and a 5-hour flight that morning, a visit to the Aji Spa is just what this girl on an "escape" needed! So I began with a delicious lunch at the spa cafe ... a sage and cheese panini served with homemade onion dip, fresh-baked pita chips, and peach iced tea:

And then a cool & refreshing mango sorbet bar for dessert .... !

All the while I had this calming view to enjoy during my lunch:
Then I cooled off from the desert heat with a dip in the spa's tranquil pool, followed by a massage specifically designed for fatigue & jet lag (and the spa discount for CE'ers was great, too!). PeRfeCT !! I felt like a new woman, and I was officially ready for CE !!

Since my trip to CE was so last-minute, I had very little time to prepare for the event outside of gathering my sb'ing supplies and anything I could find in my closet in the event colors (turquoise/aqua/teal/black/white). But you know that even my feet had to be adorned in CE finery! So I packed up a bottle of teal nail polish, aqua & teal ribbons, and scissors (as a scrapbooker, I had several varieties of these with me anyway, of course!) and did this in my hotel room, fun!:

Then I met up with my gal pal Susan from Atlanta (waving hello!) and we were ready to let the excitement of Creative Escape 2010 begin!

I'll be back soon to post "day 2" of CE !! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you and Susan!
I'm so glad you guys were able to hang together. And yes, Buddy and Aruba, so very cute :)
can't wait to hear more!

Momofboys said...

looks like your trip to and first day there were a good one! love the flip flops you created to go along with the theme...you are so creative!! can't wait to see pics of the rest of your trip =)