Saturday, August 14, 2010

sand, surf, sun, Susan & Sal

Hi there ... here I am, finally! Been on the go here and need to get you "caught up" ... thanks everyone for following along with us on our getaway!

We're exploring St. Augustine, Florida now, but I didn't have a chance to post about our visit to Amelia Island, so I'll start with that. As I had mentioned, Sal and I had an adventure planned for last Tuesday and the weather (thankfully!) cooperated. We went for a horseback ride ... on the beach! Yes, Amelia Island is one of the few places in the United States where this is allowed, so it was a special treat!

It was AMAZING and ROMANTIC ... I was savoring the tranquility of it ... actually, we found that Amelia Island is all about serenity, laid-back and peaceful. We rode for about an hour in virtual silence, enjoying the view, with only the sounds of seagulls chirping and the waves crashing ashore. So unforgettable!

We spent the rest of our time on the island doing a little exploring of the neighborhoods (always curious how the locals live) ... went on a picnic and a nature walk ... did a little shopping in the charming downtown ... but we mostly took in the island's beach vibe. Amelia's beaches are very w---i---d---e, peaceful, pretty. It's easy to find a quiet stretch of sand all your own, no crowds:

A few things set Amelia's beaches apart from ours back home ... SAND DUNES (so pretty with the sea oats gently swaying in the ocean breeze) --- reminded me of Cape Cod! ... lots of SEA FOAM, I've never seen so much! It actually "rolls around" on the beach in the wind, and it glistens in the sun, so pretty:

... and the sand is VERY DENSE, you barely leave footprints when walking on it! We saw people riding bicycles, skateboards, and even driving 4x4 vehicles right on the beach!

To me, there aren't many things more inviting than a walkway to the beach

and Amelia Island had plenty of them! A great destination for our 20th anniversary celebration, just the 2 of us.

Soon I'll be back with pics and deets of our stay in St. Augustine. So tired, must sleep!

Enjoy the weekend,


Anonymous said...

Great photos susan! you guys look like you are having such a great is beautiful there! Loved that beach...the horses, the seaform, the peace and quiet! :)


Momofboys said...

Wow looks like it is a beautiful place to visit!! So neat that you found this little paradise in your own home state =) Glad you had fun and enjoyed the serenity...can't wait to see the pics from St. Augustine!