Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a weekend of celebration!

Hey there ... long time, no blog right? Life has been so busy lately ....

Hope you had a great weekend ... we spent ours with my family ... CELEBRATING my Mom's birthday (a little belated).

Mom & her gift bag ...

... and, as always, Buddy is right there to help her open her gifts (he LOVES presents and thinks they're all for him, so precious!)

As you can tell, he likes to be silly !!

We had some outdoor fun during the weekend too ... Sal and I took my parents' kayaks out for a spin at beautiful Indian Rock Beach (where the sand is SO soft and white!).

My Mom and I let Sal & my Dad bring the kayaks to the beach for launching ....
A couple of birds stopped by, apparently they wanted to go kayaking too!

We also had a relaxing picnik lunch at a park with this as our view -- complete with frolicking dolphins! --- a gorgeous day!

I even managed to get Aruba to look directly into the camera, that's so RARE !!! She and Buddy had tons of fun with "Grandma & Grandpa" !

We had buckets of rain during the drive home, but this was our reward when it let up ... a full-arch rainbow, stunning!

I'm still SO behind on some other events that I've meant to post here, way back from August, yikes! ... like our visit to St. Augustine, my Creative Escape Day 4, etc. Will get them up here soon!

Have a great week,


Momofboys said...

Happy belated birthday to your mom!! And congrats to your family for the new addition! That is so wonderful that they have extended their arms to a child who really needed it =) Great pics of the beach and kayaks...love the birds sitting on them! Looking forward to the rest when you get all caught up ; )

Anonymous said...

Your pics are great susan! HB to your mom, and congrats on your new nephew! he is adorable! Maybe he would like the word, "cool" better! :)