Thursday, September 30, 2010

YAY for Buddy !!!

Fabulous news to share!

I took Buddy for a check-up at the cancer clinic today. Everything is FINE, he is doing so well !!! We are THRILLED and so THANKFUL !!!

His doctor and the staff were glad to see Buddy so happy, active, playful. So are we!

Buddy is an inspiration to others at the clinic ... today in the waiting room we met a Dog Mom and her pooch, who was just diagnosed with leukemia, and she was beginning treatments today. She was so encouraged for her dog after hearing Buddy's story of beating cancer, and was clearly touched.

We gleefully got our seatbelts on in the car (yep, Buddy wears one too!) and went home to CELEBRATE with Aruba & Sal !! Buddy & I were so emotionally exhausted from the stress, we both needed a nap.

And this was cool ... on the way to the clinic, I was behind a car sporting this message:



Momofboys said...

Yeah so glad to hear Buddy is doing well!!

78968400mom said...


I am so glad that you are healthy. Many prayers have been answered. I have a new brother now. His name is "Smalls" from the movie, "The Sandlot." He can be a bit much a times but at least I have someone to hangout with-he actually is pretty cool...just don't tell him I said so :-) Sending a high paw!


Shannon said...

Woo HOO go DUDE....way to get those clean bills of health!!!!