Monday, February 7, 2011


Hey there, how was your weekend?

With the exception of a scary incident, we had a great one celebrating Sal's birthday! He spent time relaxing and enjoying his day (no work!). We went out for dinner at Buca di Beppo, one of our fave restaurants. Sal indulged in some delicious cannoli as a birthday treat! Doesn't he look happy??? ;-)

Then ... we were driving home on the Florida Turnpike, having a delightful conversation, when BHAM !!! at 65 mph we hit a big truck tire laying in the middle of our lane, OMG !!! It was a shock, I was stunned and shaken-up ... but kept ahold of the steering wheel and maintained control of the car. It was a dark stretch of highway, and the tire was black, on black pavement, so I didn't see it until we were practically on top of it.

We were near a toll booth, so I pulled up to let the attendant know about the tire and to get someone out there to remove it. Apparently tho, we were the 3rd car to hit it, so we pulled over with the others (and the truck that shed the tire) and called the Florida Highway Patrol. And then a 4th damaged car pulled up behind us......

Long story short ... after a couple of hours on the side of the Turnpike, FHP documented the incident and we were able to drive home. And now the fun begins ... dealing with insurance and the body shop. We're hoping there's no damage to our (practically new) car's undercarriage. BUT, annoyance aside, we are so THANKFUL that no one was hurt, it could have been a really serious accident!

So, that wasn't exactly the birthday that I had planned for my sweetheart, but all is well. Love you, Sal !!

On a more trivial note....did you watch the Super Bowl? Great game! The ads? Not so great, IMO. Most of them were lame, vapid, even morbid (I mean, using Doritos to turn grandpa's ashes back into grandpa ... really?) But I did have a couple of faves ... VW's pint-sized Darth Vader ad ("The Force" --- cute!) and Bridgestone's beaver ad (what goes around, comes around, right?).

I'll be back soon with more about Hawaii ....

Have a great week,

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Maria J. said...

Wow! Scary. Glad you are both Ok.