Saturday, February 26, 2011

my big fat Greek trip!

Whew, the month of February has been a total BLUR !!! So much going on.....busy, busy and some stressful days..... but some fun stuff too!

And that's part of the reason I (still) haven't blogged about the rest of our Hawaii trip ... because when I'm not working, I've been busy researching and planning our next adventure, LOL. I hinted at it in my January 13 post, and my friend Kyoko (in Japan) guessed it right away --- GREECE !!! (I was channeling my inner Homer when I gave that "odyssey" hint, LOL) Gotta dust off my passport, it's time to visit the "cradle of Western civilization"!

I must say that this has probably been one of the most challenging trips I've planned ... a real PITA (pun intended, LOL)... Greece travel websites aren't always up-to-date, some are only in Greek, etc. But I've got a grip on it now, only a bit more to plan.

Actually, it will be part of a whirlwind summer trip, starting with a huge annual Lepore family reunion picnic in Philadelphia, then we'll travel to Italy ... Sal has some business at the University of Rome. From there, we'll head to Greece where Sal will meet with research collaborators at the University of Athens. And of course, we're NOT leaving Greece until we've toured the country! So I've got lots on our itinerary for when Sal's done with his work ..... from the classic ancient sites like Delphi to the breathtaking Greek islands. OMG I am giddy!!!

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And to celebrate, Sal and I are heading to a Greek Festival this weekend! Perfect timing, right? A local Greek Orthodox Church is putting on quite a shindig, complete with Greek taverna food, live Greek music, Greek dancers, the works. I hope to chat about Greece with some folks there!

See you back here soon....


Enjoy the weekend,


Momofboys said...

That is awesome! And we look forward to seeing you when you come to Philly!!

Shannon said...

How freaking awesome....I'm sure that you will have a fantastic time.....

e_susan94 said...

Ditto what Claud says and wish I could be in your suitcase! What a blessing to be able to travel! Nice advantage that Sal has to travel to amazing places and that you go along & make it a vacation.