Tuesday, April 26, 2011

congratulations, Sal !!!!

Last week, Sal and I attended a ceremony where he was presented with an award ... he is the 2011 FAU College of Science's Associate Professor "Researcher of the Year" !!!! The Dean of the College of Science presented him with a plaque (and a check!).Congratulations, sweetheart! He's such a dedicated and hard-working professor and researcher, so this is very well-deserved honor! Love you, Sal !! :-)

And more good news ... (most) of Aruba's cytology report came back from the pathologist and is looking positive! We are relieved, and so happy! Neither her liver nor the nodule in her spleen appear to be cancerous. Her liver, however, is somewhat abnormal with inflammation. She is now taking a powerful liver antioxidant that her veterinarians believe will help heal her liver substantially. We'll have more bloodwork done in a month to monitor the health of her liver. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and concern for our precious Aruba!


Momofboys said...

Congratulations to my cousin Sal for all his hard work!!! And so thankful that Aruba is okay and that she is being taken care of =)

e_susan94 said...

Congratulations to my cousin! All that hard work is being recognized is wonderful! Also congratulations for the new medicine for your doggy and hope this will make her feel better.