Saturday, April 2, 2011

family ties

Hi there and happy April, happy weekend!

First a BIG 'thank you' to everyone who e-mailed and called me asking about Buddy's recent check-up at the cancer clinic --- thank you so much for your concern and thoughts! He is doing so well, and we are so thankful !!! Our precious angel! His oncologist has cut back his chemo dosage even more ... to every 4 days now, yay! He's contending with some normal aging issues tho, a heart murmur and cataracts. And arthritis, but ironically it's greatly eased by the anti-inflammatory meds he takes along with his chemo (apparently cancer "needs" inflammation in order to grow, so oncologists prescribe anti-inflammatories). Plus, he takes a joint supplement (and gets backrubs!), so overall he's comfortable and has a lot of mobility, still jumps on and off the sofa. And as best we can tell, he suffers little or no pain from the arthritis.

Sal and I had a nice weekend visit with my parents ... we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at an outdoor cafe at the Don CeSar Beach Resort, that magnificent "pink palace" on St. Pete Beach. Love it there! My Mom and I both ordered this delish tropical fruit plate with banana-macadamia nut bread (I loved that coconut-covered banana!):

Afterwards, we enjoyed a walk along the spectacular beach together under the Florida sun. Another nice family memory!


e_susan94 said...

Susan, What a special time you made it to celebrate your nephew's adoption finalization! I know he will rember it and you are a great Aunt & Uncle. I'm not a fan of loud places full of video games either.;-). We took the boys to the "once every two years" at Dave & Busters. That was their 2nd time there and didn't realize there really aren't many games their age level there snd it's more for older crowd. The restaurant was good though and I founs something under 600 calories for me.:)

Momofboys said...

Wow what a wonderful and memorable event!!! So special that you and Sal could be there to commeorate this wonderful day with them! The video was just precious and made my heart swell seeing how much it meant to him to see the judge sign his official papers and get that gift from her!! I wish their family many blessings in their lives together. Thanks for sharing =)

Anonymous said...
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