Monday, August 22, 2011

go away, Irene!

This is so NOT what I wanted to wake up to the day before I leave for Creative Escape! :-(

Sal is insisting that I go to the event despite the impending hurricane, and has sweetly offered to take care of things here ... even thought it will mean putting up the hurricane shutters by himself (it's a big job, and I always help him!).

I'm so excited about CE, have been anticipating it for a year, but will be worried about Sal, Buddy & Aruba back home. :-(

Wishing safety to everyone in Irene's path,



Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, and I like all the info you post about scrapping over on yahoo, especially creative escape! Do you have a Facebook ??

Susan said...

Sorry, you didn't sign your name .... ???

Momofboys said...

I'm praying for everyone's safety in the path of Irene! Hope you have a safe and fun trip. I know you will be worried about your hubby and pups but they will be okay =)