Saturday, September 3, 2011

who doesn't like a little sparkle?

Hi everyone!

I'm (still) sorting/editing my photos from Creative Escape, so I'll be posting about my fab experience soon! But I at least have a little CE teaser to post today.... some fun CE news to share!

During CE, I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Cross; she's the founder, owner, and creative director of Pink Paislee, a company that designs very popular scrapbooking products. Apparently the flowers that I custom-made to wear at CE had caught her eye ... they were in CE colors (aqua and red) and sprinkled with -- what else? -- GLITTER ! I wore them in my hair and/or attached to my nametag lanyard throughout the event. Turns out the ready-to-alter (plain muslin) flowers that I customized are made by her company! So she asked me for a photo of them so that she could post my design on Pink Paislee's blog, WOW !! Well, not only are they showcased on their blog today (along with my how-to), they're also on their Twitter and Facebook page! I'm thrilled, honored, and truth be told ... a little giddy.

I'm enjoying my 15 minutes of "celebrity", LOL. You can read her post and compare the "before" and "after" photos of my flowers HERE.

I am ... tickled PINK !! ;-)

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend,


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Momofboys said...

Way to go Susan! You dazzled the creator with your own creation! Very proud of you =)