Tuesday, October 25, 2011

birthday fun!

Hello! I must begin with a BIG thanks to everyone for making my birthday yesterday so special !! I appreciate all of your cards, gifts, e-mails, calls. I have a long shelf lined with cards, I absolutely love getting such nice things in the mail! I had a nice day (entire weekend, actually) of celebration as I bid farewell to "42". And thank you to my sweet Sal for treating me like a princess!

But now I'd like to share the special MILESTONE birthday that we celebrated in my family recently ... my Grandma's 90th! Several family members traveled to southern (Ontario) Canada to surprise her! We had a fun time ... here are some highlights ...

My Grandma is a volunteer (6 days a week!) at a local nursing home, where she basically runs the little gift/sundry shop... we stopped in for a visit during her "shift" ... from left, Aunt Lois, Grandma, my Dad, Uncle Richard, my Mom, me:

Sal has known my Grandma for 23 years!

We gathered for a party to celebrate my Grandma's incredible 90 years!

Sal hangin' with my cousin Phil (like me, he suffers from a severe case of wanderlust, LOL --- I loved chatting about travel with you, Phil!), his wife Renee, and my Aunt Lois (who makes beautiful greeting cards with scrapbook supplies!):

And a big surprise for my Grandma ... my Uncle's singing group (that's my Uncle Phil in the middle) showed up during her party to sing songs chosen especially for her, mostly from her era ... they sounded great, so much talent!

Here's a video clip (sorry, it's probably not compatible with mobile devices, you'll need to watch it on a PC):

My Grandma likes to wear funky socks!

Pink roses for Rosemary!

Make a wish!

We stayed at the family cottage in Cedar Beach, on Lake Erie:

And my Grandma had to chuckle when I took her picture with my iPhone! I was demonstrating all the cool things my "phone" can do ... maps, e-mail, music, news, weather, and of course access my blog! Can you imagine what technology will allow us to do by the time we're 90 ?!?

And I'd like to send a BIG thanks to my Aunt Lois & Uncle Phil for their warm hospitality! You're so much fun!

Here's to birthdays!



Momofboys said...

Oh dear I'm having trouble posting today!! Oh Susan I'm so sorry I missed wishing you a happy birhtday so...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I hope it was a terrific day. And it was so nice that you were able to go up and visit with your Grandma and celebrate her 90th birthday! Wow she is a spunky lady for a 90 year old!! God bless her with many more and you too sweet Susan =)

Anonymous said...

going to try this again!!! LOL...
Great photos...and loved your uncle's group....my dad would've been right up their singing with them. hehe
and happy birthday, to you again.
buddy looks great. love the pan am bag, too :)