Tuesday, October 18, 2011

yesterday was my lucky day!

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I've been MIA lately, but on top of the "stuff of life", I've been a busy, busy Dog Mom ... Buddy has needed a lot of care, poor angel ... lots of meds, dr appts, etc. The first 2 weeks after he came home from the hospital were spent recovering ... he wouldn't eat unless hand fed, he had trouble sleeping at night, etc. But I'm happy to report that he's doing WELL and is getting STRONGER! Along with premiere heart medications, he's getting everything he needs ... his doctor recommended additional protein (known to be good for canine heart patients), so he's getting organic tofu mixed into his meals. And she said that Omega-3 would be beneficial too, but instead of traditional fish oil (it's not animal-friendly!), we sprinkle organic flaxseed oil on his kibbles, a great alternative source of Omega-3. So good for him! We've noticed a return to his old self over the past 10 days or so, including his mischievous side LOL, and it has been so wonderful! So thankful! He had a check-up yesterday at the doggie cardiologist and she was pleased -- amazed actually! -- at his progress! So much so that she didn't see the need to do more bloodwork or X-rays for now, just an exam and Rx refills. Yay for Buddy, our precious furbaby !!!

And the great news continued yesterday when I checked my e-mail to find a message with the subject line "today's your lucky day!". OK! Well, unless it's one of those pesky spam messages, who wouldn't want to read that, right? I opened it to find that I had been invited to attend Inspiration Unlimited 2012, yay!!! :-) I've been on the IU waiting list for some time and, as of August, I was way down at # 41. I wasn't sure how quickly I'd make it up the list, or if I'd get the opportunity to attend at all. The demand is high, and I'm so glad that I can go! It's a Creative Escape-esque scrapbooking event that's held every September in Nevada. Near Vegas, but not in it ... and I'm glad because I'm just not into the whole "Sin City" vibe. Once again, I'll be enjoying a pampering event that includes lots of my favorite things ... travel, friends, scrapbooking, shopping, staying at a resort (with a spa, LOL). Already so excited for September! And 11 months of fun anticipation, and filling the Creative Escape void.

I'll be back soon with pics from a very special (milestone) birthday that we celebrated in my family recently. Trying to get caught-up on everything!

Hope you're having a "lucky day" today!


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