Thursday, February 2, 2012

happy spa-li-days (to me!)

I had planned to start the new year off right ... relaxed & refreshed with a visit to the spa sometime in January. But the month got busy and slipped away from me, and here it is February already!

During the holidays, I noticed that the Seagate Spa was having a giftcard promotion, including a free beach tote in one of my favorite colors (lime green!), so I made that a "from-me-to-me" Christmas gift ... a gift card to use "someday". And who can't use a new beach tote? ;-) It's a fairly new spa here in Delray Beach, and I've driven by it several times thinking "I'll give it a try someday".
So today was "someday"! I took the day off, got up really early to catch-up on some work, and then spent today at the spa. I chose the Rain Massage ... 80 minutes of B-L-I-S-S !! It starts with a full-body exfoliation using sugar cane and coconut oil. This really gets the blood pumping, and leaves your skin so soft, smooth. Next came a tension-relieving massage performed while a rain shower of warm water cascaded down onto me. I added on a soothing scalp massage, too. They use frangipani oil, it smells sooooo good! Geez, I'm relaxing all over again as I write this, LOL !!

Also spent some time lounging in their eucalyptus-infused steam room and in the outdoor heated pool (even tho today The Sunshine State ... wasn't). Took a break for lunch and savored this DELISH tomato soup !!
Overall, a nice spahhhh day!

I just love going to the spa, it's like pushing life's "reset button".

ok, NOW I'm ready for 2012 ......

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Momofboys said...

Ahhhhhhh just reading it was making me feel relaxed...just wish it was for real lol!!! Glad you were able to treat yourself to a relaxing day :)