Thursday, September 13, 2012

a new 'do for IU

Well shame on me... I'm getting ready for my next adventure before even blogging about my last.  Seriously, I *meant* to post about our Grand Teton National Park visit before now.... I will soon, promise.  Time just seems to evaporate before my eyes lately (I mean, honestly, how did it get to be mid-September ?!?).  Thanks to so many of you for asking to see our park pics!

Next week I'm heading to Nevada to attend Inspiration Unlimited (IU), a scrapbooking retreat by fab celebrity sb'ing designer Teresa Collins.  {a girl's getaway}  It'll be my first time attending, and I'm so thankful that I made it off the waiting list (yes, it's that popular!) because I'm really missing the no-longer-held annual Creative Escape event.  And as I always do, I've added a special "bonus" destination onto the trip... it's at the Nevada/Arizona border... any guesses?  I'm even taking a red-eye flight back to Florida just so that I have time to go there!

But before the fun can begin, I've been working my way through a mile-long to-do list, both at home and the lab.  Deadlines galore this month, so I'm gonna welcome the break.  I did manage to squeeze in a hair appointment tho!

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Momofboys said...

Just getting to check in with all your recent posts...can't wait to see your pics =)