Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I still can't believe that I won !!!

Hi everyone ~ whew, trying to catch-up on everything (including sleep!) after a whirlwind 5 day get-away to attend Inspiration Unlimited (IU).  Had a blast, loved it!  And I have amazing news to share.... during the Closing Ceremony, a ticket was drawn from a basket containing thousands of tickets.  The lucky winner received free tuition for next year's event --- it's a MEGA prize!  Guess who won it?  ME !!! yes, I WON a free seat to the 2013 IU !!!!!!  OMG, can you believe it ?!?!?  I still can't !!!  Everyone said that my face was frozen when my name was called, that I looked totally stunned.  I was -- and thrilled too!  Thanks to all my IU pals who shared the excitement with me --- your hugs and high-fives and Facebook comments made it all the more fun.  See you all next year, yay!

As soon as I get caught up at home and at the lab, I'll post all about IU.... for now tho, I did post some glimpses from the event back on September 22.  

I'll barely get unpacked before packing again for my next adventure--- Sal and I are heading to New England for some world-class "leaf peeping".  I've wanted and waited to go there for many years to see the incredible fall foliage colors, particularly in Vermont; I'm ecstatic that this year we're finally making it happen.  Along the way, Sal will also be presenting his amazing research at a few prestigious universities.  First stop -- Yale University in Connecticut!

Adding to the chaos that is my schedule this week, I had an appt to see my surgeon as soon as I flew home yesterday.  You might recall that back in May I had gallbladder surgery.  I've unfortunately been experiencing some pain related to that (not sure why 4 months later??).  I'm not in agony, but it's uncomfortable and has me worried.  So, I'm scheduled for bloodwork and an MRCP (a specialized MRI for the digestive organs) later this week.  Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of it.  Hoping I don't need any more surgery!  {fingers crossed}

Be back soon... I've gotta sit still (and stay home!) long enough to share about my journeys.... I owe you posts about the National Parks, IU, and the soon-to-happen leaf-peeping in New England.  Back soon, promise!  (Again, a special thanks to so many gals at IU who said that they enjoy following my blog and asked me to post more often --- you're the best!)

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Momofboys said...

Yeah for you!!! You deserve it!! So glad you had such a great trip. Sorry to hear about your uncomfy pain..praying it's nothing that needs surgery! Looking forward to your leaf adventure =)