Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4 years ago

It was 4 years ago yesterday that our precious Buddy had surgery to remove a large cancerous tumor from his lung. Some lung lobes also had to be removed. The surgeon told us it was a complicated surgery, and I remember so clearly the sadness and anxiety of that day.

But Buddy came through it !!!

And as I've done every year on this special anniversary, I e-mailed his surgeon at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists (PBVS) with an update on Buddy + a photo, again thanking him for saving Buddy's life. And as busy as he is, every year he takes the time to send a thoughtful and caring reply.

We didn't really get to celebrate this year tho, because we spent part of the day back at PBVS with Buddy needing to see a specialized veterinary opthalmalogist. (I am thankful for this resource--- he is one of only 200 such animal eye experts in the world!) Buddy has been treated for some trouble with his eye over the past month, but it worsened all of a sudden. After a thorough exam, the doctor determined that there's a hole in Buddy's right eye, and that eye fluid is leaking out and his eye is collapsing. :-( Another devastating diagnosis for Buddy.

Sal and I are heartbroken.

The obvious fix would be surgery. But with Buddy's other serious health concerns, he's not a candidate. Instead, a series of eye drops + eye ointment + pills will relieve the pain and hopefully help the eye heal itself over time. If not, Buddy's eye will have to be removed.

Sal and I are devastated. :-(

Lately I've been overwhelmed with caring for Buddy & Aruba... I can handle dispensing the myriad of medicines, supplements, doctor visits. It's the emotional strain that's so difficult. It's so painful to watch their health deteriorate. I feel them slipping away from us.

Thanks so much for your continued concern, thoughts, and prayers for our precious Buddy & Aruba. Our precious little family.


Anonymous said...

Sending prayers that the treatment that he is able to take will help and heal. It is difficult...we just had to take Sassy in because she has lost 12 lbs in less than a is scary watching them age....Hugs to you and Sal


Michelle Aguilar said...

I am so sorry Susan and Sal for the difficulties with your precious dogs! We now have 6 dogs instead of 4. Our shiatsu Patch, lost his eye and is going blind. He has his eye problems when he arrived at our place of resident in 2007. He was slowly losing his eye sight and the vet did tell us that the one guy would probably fall out, if not we can have it surgically removed. It did fall out and we were here, and he did fine. I know that sounds or seems gross and he is doing great. I feel we have did the best we can for him so far. He is just adjusting to very limited eye site and seems to be doing great. We did apply the ointment at first then to help. I am not sure why dogs go blind but he eats, plays and drinks and knows his sense of direction. We had the last dog, my chickadeta, that ran away, medicated from seizures. I see a St. Francis statue by the medicine. Is that right? St. Francis and Jesus above puts these animals in our path for a reason. Hang in there friend. xo

Momofboys said...

such a sweet pup...hoping that this heals up!!!