Friday, April 12, 2013

pawsitively ready for the weekend

What a long week it has been! For you too?

I was at the veterinarian for 3 hours with Aruba yesterday, poor thing. So tiring and stressful for both of us!

She has a couple of infections (source unknown, but doesn't appear stroke-related) and I'm worried and want her to feel better right away! She doesn't seem to be in pain, but has a bit of discomfort. She kept walking toward the exam room door, wanting to leave, sweet angel. We're waiting on some lab test results, but in the interim she's on meds that I hope will have her feeling like herself again soon.

I just love her!! Isn't she pretty?


Anonymous said...

hope all is going well with aruba, susan. thinking of you guys :)

Momofboys said...

she really is a beauty and looking at those eyes makes me want to reach through the computer and give her the biggest hug!! hoping she's feeling much better now :)