Wednesday, August 14, 2013

first day of chemo

Hi everyone....

Aruba had a big day today... but seems it was a good day!  :-)

The surgeon removed her sutures and said she is healing really well from the surgery!  Yay!

Right afterwards, we went down the hall of the hospital for her to meet with the oncologist and begin chemotherapy.  With how aggressive her tumor was, we wanted to begin ASAP.  She had her first dose this afternoon, and as of 9:45 tonight, so far so good!  No reactions!  She is brave & strong, like Buddy was!

We're hopeful that she'll tolerate this drug (Palladia) well, as it's a cutting-edge chemo treatment; it specifically targets her particular type of cancer cells!  It's the best available.  Only the best for our precious Aruba !!!

Thanks so much for your continued concern + prayers for her!

Hoping to share more good news again soon.....

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Momofboys said...

I'm just seeing this today 8/25 as I haven't checked in your blog for a glad to hear that the treatment has begun and she did well for at least her first treatment. I hope all subsequent ones have gone just as well!! Thinking of you guys :)