Saturday, August 3, 2013

the power of love

Our sweet Aruba is home from the hospital and recovering well from the surgery, resting.  We couldn't be happier!!!  Thank you all for thinking of us during this difficult couple of weeks, especially so soon after losing our precious Buddy.  It has been unbelievable, really....

Wanted to share a few pics from our visits with her while she was in the ICU.  (Excuse any blurriness--- Aruba is so difficult to photograph, she will almost never look at the camera or be still)
My first visit was alone; Sal had to tend to final exam duties this week, so I was with Aruba during the day, then we all visited together later at night.  As soon as Aruba caught a glimpse of me, she started howling and crying!  This went on, loudly at times, for 15 minutes or so.  It startled me (!!!), I thought maybe she was in pain, but the nurse assured me there was no way, she had just come off a pain med I.V.  She said it was because Aruba was excited to see me, she was 'talking' to me!!  {warmed my heart}

Before my visit, Aruba had made no attempt to walk around, or even stand up.  The medical staff was concerned... until they saw Aruba become so animated with me, wiggling in my lap and then standing and walking all around!  The nurse said, "...and right there is the power of love...".

We visited in the hospital's 'family room', a cozy space with a sofa and doors leading to a patio to enjoy some sunshine + fresh air with your furry patient.  When Aruba stood up, she immediately walked right to the patio doors, felt the warm sun on her face!  Just like home....

On my drive home from the hospital, I was stopped at a light when this car pulled up in the lane next to me.... I smiled big at the bumper sticker--- what timing, right?!

Aruba was just as energetic + alert during our nighttime visit, and even ate 1/2 can of food with us!  We somehow managed to snap a group selfie... even Aruba is smiling!

When we brought her home, there was a sweet get-well card in the mail for Aruba + a gift for Mommy (it's a magnet)... such a thoughtful gesture from Ruth, Paul, Gina & Dana (Sal's brother + family in Philadelphia):

Aruba is now enjoying every comfort while she recuperates, like lounging this morning... sweet angel:
She's taking lot of meds for a little while.  Monday will be a bandage change + probably getting biopsy results (we're hopeful they'll show that the cancer hasn't spread).  In about a week, the bandage will come off + sutures removed.

So wonderful to be re-united with our dear Aruba!

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Momofboys said...

These pics are so sweet! And I agree with the nurse..."the power of love" truly is amazing!!!