Tuesday, September 17, 2013

oh travel, how I've missed thee!

Time to go, my ride is here!

Hello, old friend!

(I am a diehard 'window seat' gal !!)

It feels like forever since I've been on a plane, heading somewhere exciting.... actually, it has been only 6 months (since we went to Costa Rica), but it has been a long and, truth-be-told, rotten summer.   With our overwhelming sadness from the one-two punch of losing our Buddy and Aruba's cancer diagnosis, Sal and I canceled all of our summer travel plans (we were booked to take an epic 3-week journey thru Iceland last month... but we were too heartbroken, not in the mood for travel, and especially didn't want to leave Aruba).  So Iceland went back on our Bucket List.  Some other time. 

But today I'm going somewhere!  Heading to Nevada to attend Inspiration Unlimited, an annual scrapbooking retreat.  Looking forward to inspiring classes... fun with friends... rejuvenation at the spa... plus, a fun day-trip into the desert that I can't wait to share!  A mini-break from life's stresses.  Lately, it has been raining lemons, so I'm pulling out my lemonade pitchers.

Will miss Sal and Aruba terribly tho !!!  Sending out a BIG thanks to my sweet Sal for shouldering all of Aruba's care while I'm gone.  ❤ you!

More from The Silver State soon!


Michelle Aguilar said...

have a great time. I backed out but maybe again one year.

Michelle Aguilar said...

wow have a great time. I backed out and maybe one year then.

Momofboys said...

So glad to hear you're back in the traveling saddle again :). And I hope this trip gives you some true relaxation and fun doing what you enjoy doing!!