Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a great weekend!

Wow, you know that you've had a great weekend when it takes you until Wednesday morning to finally blog about it {wink}.

Sal and I went over to St. Petersburg and saw the Broadway musical Movin' Out with my parents. It was fabulous! I've been wanting to see it for years.....the live renditions of Billy Joel's music were terrific, and were in perfect sync with the dancers. Great choreography, great talent.....a great time!

FAU is on Spring Break this week, so Sal and I also took a day-trip from St. Pete to Anna Maria Island. It's about an hour south, and is right off the coast of Bradenton. I love exploring the corners of my home state. What a quaint island, with absolutely beautiful beaches! We had perfect weather {smile}, which was so lucky because it has been pouring buckets of rain here in Florida all week. And since the island is in Manatee County, everything there seemed to have a manatee theme.....Manatee Hospital, Manatee Accounting Services, Manatee "this" and Manatee "that". A manatee even graces the "Welcome to Anna Maria Island" sign as you drive in. (of course, I just had to get my photo with much fun!)

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