Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mom Lepore's 70th birthday

The Lepore family recently had a fun time celebrating Mom L's 70th birthday. All 5 of her children were there....Sal, Mark, Deborah, and Paul came in from Philadelphia, Tricia from was a mini-reunion for Sal and all of his siblings. The pretty cake (in purple, her favorite color) said "Buon 70 Compleanno Mamma" ("Happy 70th Birthday Mom" in Italian).

During his weekend in Florida, Paul came over to my parents' for a visit, and to meet my sister, Theresa, for the first time. He and my Dad have a lot in common career-wise, both are tool they had lots to chat about, and enjoyed looking at mechanical project drawings and stuff.


perilloparodies said...

nice that you all had that time together. please tell Aunt Angela, Happy Birthday from us. passing on love from all the family here in italy.

Claudia said...

I saw pictures that Paul passed along. So nice to see the whole family together:) Happy 70th Birthday to my Zia Angela!!