Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tarzan & Jane

Recently, Dr. Jane Goodall came to FAU to speak about peace and compassion, and afterwards held a booksigning for every single one of the 1,000+ people who stayed afterwards to wait in line.....she was there patiently for hours! Someone waiting in line near me astutely concluded that it was probably that same patience that was partly responsible for Jane's success with the chimps in the African bush. Our local newspaper aptly titled an article in the next day's edition, "Famed Chimp Researcher Wows FAU". That she did! How wonderful it was to watch the audience give standing ovations to this esteemed scientist. And what a cute story she told about how, as a child, she loved reading Tarzan and how she was jealous of that "other Jane" in the stories.....almost prophetic, I think....

It was a thrill to meet her again (I had once before about 10 years ago in Indianapolis) and to personally thank her for her commitment to animal welfare and the environment. They didn't allow us to snap our own photos while we were with her, but instead had their own photographer and uploaded the digi shots to the Internet for us....unfortunately, this photo of us isn't the's a bit blurry and the top of my head is cut off....but I'm smiling while Jane is signing my copy of her book Jane Goodall 40 Years at Gombe: A Tribute to Four Decades of Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation, so the photo is perfect to me.

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