Saturday, June 7, 2008

blogging --- an excuse not to pack?

Hi everyone ~ what a whirlwind week, so busy! I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Today was a big day for Hillary Clinton, for Democrats & for women. A huge crowd gathered in DC to celebrate her, and to hear her speech in which she officially suspended her campaign and endorsed Barack Obama. (I joked with Sal that she should have shocked everyone and worn a skirt instead of one of her trademark pantsuits.) Although I was sad to see her exciting and historic campaign come to an end, I am hopeful that she has inspired others to aim to be, or least to envision, a woman in the Oval Office. Somehow I can't bring myself to delete the "Women For Hillary" link from my blog's sidebar just yet.....

Sal and I are busy getting everything together for our trip to Alaska. Wow, we're so excited !!! But I don't enjoy packing. That's odd for someone who loves to travel, right? I guess it's because it means doing laundry, getting organized, and the like....not my fortes. So, the next time you hear from me here it'll be from Alaska. I'll meet you back here soon!

(Sal just told me that my My Big Fat Greek Wedding is on TV....we love that movie! Just what I needed, another excuse to postpone packing!)

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Claudia said...

I don't think anyone really enjoys packing...I know I don't! I hope you have a wonderful time in Alaska and I'll be checking the blog for posts so make sure you put some pictures on there! It's funny that you mentioned "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" because we watched it on TV too!! I love that movie and it makes me laugh....guess because Italians aren't that different!