Thursday, June 12, 2008

heading north to Juneau.....

Today we're bidding farewell to Ketchikan and heading north to Juneau. The weather has gone back to the typical rain and fog that Ketchikan is known for, so we appreciate all the more the sunny and gorgeous weather we had for the past 2 days.

Yesterday, we explored Ketchikan on foot, walking the quaint and artsy downtown area. We also visited the Totem Heritage Center, which has the largest collection of original totem poles in the US.....pretty impressive! Here are some of them:

Today we'll be boarding a ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway System; our vessel will be the Taku (shown left). It's a 23-hour trip, so we've booked an overnight cabin. As we go north through the Inside Passage, we'll make brief stops in Wrangell and Petersburg before arriving in Juneau on Friday afternoon. The Alaska ferries are a great (and scenic!) way to get from Point A to Point B in the southeastern part of the state, which has few, if any, roads in most areas.

Here's a route map for reference (I love looking at maps):

We'll be visiting with Sal's cousin, John, throughout the weekend. How cool is it that he lives in Juneau? And we all have a really exciting and adventurous activity planned for Sunday, so stay tuned for details!

Unfortunately, Sal has caught a cold, so I hope he feels better soon and can enjoy all of this! :-(

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll meet you back here soon!

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