Thursday, February 11, 2010

Canada: hosting the Olympic Shames 2010

So the big day arrives tomorrow ... opening ceremonies of the winter Olympic games. How exciting!

But I can't bring myself to be proud of Canada, the Olympic host country.
What they're not advertising is that as the Olympics end, their country's annual BARBARIC seal hunt will begin. Again. They just won't stop! All that animal suffering, and for what? The same old thing ... Canadian dollars. Money. Apparently there's still a demand for the fur and skin of helpless, defenseless seals. And Canada steps right in to fill it. SHAME !!!

Many of us (me included!) thought the NFL was wrong in supporting player Michael Vick after his admitted horrific dog abuse. Yet, we let an entire country's government slide for these horrific (just use your imagination!) seal abuses. Why is that???

Please go HERE to sign a pre-written letter to the Olympic Committee and the Canadian Prime Minister, voicing your disapproval of the hunt. No matter what your stance is on PETA, this fight isn't about them. It's about innocent animals who live on the ice as nature intends, only to be clubbed to death. I personally can't imagine dying that way! Can you?

Maybe, someday, Canada will listen to us and stop the BRUTAL slaughter. I know that this isn't the most pleasant topic to read about on my blog. But it's important, and hopefully, I won't have to write about it in the future.

On behalf of the voiceless animals, thank you!


sandalloons44 said...

good for you to write about that on your blog to protect these innocent lives. I just don't know why Canada kills the seals? I am unsure as I never heard this before. What do they do with them?
and most importantly, are you going to CE?
Well, nothing is more important than animals. :)Love them.
I am getting a white goose named Heidi soon. her breed is a sebostal and I am so happy and so is Heidi. LOL
I told her about that last time at CE. and I am not going to now and trying to decided what else to do unless the cost goes down towards the end like the $150 discount like last time. I was asked to volunteer for 2009 and said no cuz I wanted to participate again but, then now wish too. I am in the CJ group so I will go Wed of coarse.
take care

Maria said...

That is just awful. I signed the petition. Thanks for letting us know. I had no idea they still did that.