Monday, February 8, 2010

super Super Bowl, not-so-super ads

So how was your weekend? Did you watch the Super Bowl? We did!

Sal and I aren't sports fans ... at all. Except for the Olympics and the Super Bowl. We pull out some snacks and watch the entire game. Even the pre-game kick-off show! We enjoy the festivities, and this year the game was here in SoFla, which made it a little more exciting.

The game was great! That interception/touchdown play by the Saints was the best of the night. Having lived in Indiana for 7 years, we were behind the Colts, but it was nice to watch the Saints win their first Super Bowl.

And from previous posts, you know how I see advertising as a potentially brilliant art form. I love, love, love a good ad! But during this year's game, the ads were, um ... disappointing overall. Most were lame, ordinary, less than clever, not funny. Those ad agencies did not impress me. If I had to pick a favorite though, it was the Google ad. Simple and effective and kind of sweet, it kept me watching because I wanted to see where they were going with it. The worst ads were by Doritos. Awful, in poor taste, bordering on offensive. If you missed any of the ads, or want to watch them again, they're all HERE.

Have a great week ahead,


Momofboys said...

i agree with you susan, the ads were not good. i had not seen the google ad and watched in on the link you provided and i agree it's very cute and it makes it's point!

Maria said...

We watched the Super Bowl too. It was an exciting game but I agree the ads were not that great and I'm not a WHO fan so the halftime was really boring for us. We are busy digging out of all this snow we have. When will it end!!!!!!