Thursday, February 4, 2010

Google love

If you went to the Google search page yesterday, you might have noticed this:

My Mom pointed it out to us (thanks!) because this picture has REALLY special meaning to me & Sal. The Norman Rockwell image that Google incorporated into its logo is the same image that was on the very first card that Sal, my then-brand-new-boyfriend, ever gave to me (nearly 22 years ago)!

Oh, that sweet boy and girl huddled together ... and do you notice the adorable beagle that's with them??? Wow! We of course had not yet talked about adopting a beagle at that very early stage in our relationship, but that's exactly what happened 7 years after we got married! Buddy joined us in the 'family photo'.



Momofboys said...

soooo sweeeet!

Maria said...

How romantic!!

I love Norman Rockwell.

daysease said...

I love that particular Normal Rockwell image. Has had a special place in my heart since we got married. Thanks for sharing it.