Tuesday, April 6, 2010

let yourself go ... to the movies

"I want to go someplace where I can marvel at something."
--- from Eat Pray Love

The summer movie season is fast approaching, and is typically filled with lots of duds (just my $0.02). But 2010 looks like an exception, with 2 movies already on my summer calendar!

So what's even better than chick lit? A chick flick based on chick lit! LOL

Right now I'm reading (and loving!) Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Can't put it down! (and I really should since I told Sal that I'd clean my latest pile of scrapbooking stuff off the kitchen counter ... 3 days ago) I've read some reviews that say the author is self-absorbed, but I disagree. And even if she is ... HELLO? it's a memoir, so no duh!

So this being a best seller, Hollywood took notice. I'll let the movie trailer (that I've watched 5 times already!) divulge the storyline ...

That's some pretty scrumptious cinematography! So would you agree that if you love introspection and/or travel (to me, these go hand-in-hand), then EPL should be on your must-read/must-see list? Anyway, EPL hits theaters here in the U.S. on August 13. For worldwide release dates, click here.

Plus ... Letters to Juliet is coming out soon, May 14. Although it's probably somewhat predictable, it looks like a sweet story and OH!!!! get a load of that scenery of Verona! Sal and I haven't been to that part of northern Italy yet, but have always promised that it'll definitely be on our itinerary "next time". Here's the LTJ trailer:

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