Friday, April 16, 2010

yay for Buddy!

Today is a day of CELEBRATION for us!

One year ago today Buddy was having extensive (and scary!) surgery ... a large cancer tumor was removed from his lung, along with 3 lobes of that lung! We are so THANKFUL that Buddy came through the surgery well, and was strong enough to begin the necessary chemotherapy treatments shortly afterwards.

This was Buddy one year ago:

We were not allowed to visit him the night of the surgery, he was too weak and the surgeon said it would be best to wait a day. That was so difficult for us, we wanted to see him! But the next day when we arrived to visit, I nearly fainted when they rolled him out in that oxygen box! I wasn't expecting that. Our poor Buddy!

We've appreciated all the well-wishes that you've sent our way over the past year, they have meant so much!

Enjoy the weekend,


Shannon said...

So wonderful that it has been a year....glad that you had this wonderful date to celebrate....

Yay Buddy!!!!!

Hugs to all of you

Momofboys said...

Glad that he has done so well and is celebrating this milestone with you! Hope he continues to do well =)