Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fourth fun

Hey there! Long time, no blog I know. Been busy, busy, busy!

Happy July ... hope you enjoyed the July 4th holiday weekend?

We spent ours visiting family in St. Petersburg. And the 5-hour road trip was even nicer in our new Mazda!

On Friday, despite gray skies and a slight drizzle (which actually made the July temps bearable!), we went out kayaking with my parents at picturesque Fort DeSoto Park. It was so peaceful out on the water, among the mangroves. Except when we played "bumper kayaks", which was hilarious and we almost managed to tip my Dad over, ha! My parents are getting ready to purchase their own kayaking gear and can set out exploring wherever they desire, taking in Florida's natural beauty ... how exciting!

Sal and I shared a double kayak, so I let him do most of the paddling, LOL. I took photos instead! (as best I could, that is... with my iPhone. In the rain. On a moving kayak.)

We wrapped-up our kayaking adventure with a yummy picnic lunch (thanks again, Mom!) and a long walk on the park's beach. A great day together!

Buddy & Aruba got in on the fun too, enjoying time with "Grandma & Grandpa". Aruba loves to cuddle-up with my Mom (somehow I actually got Aruba to LOOK into the camera, so rare!):

We spent most of the 4th of July with Sal's family...

...my MIL cooked up some homemade cavatelli pasta:

Enjoying time with Uncle Sal ... clockwise from upper left ... Tim, Angie, Rebecca, Sarah:

Sal and his sister Deborah:

Cousin fun! Leah & Marisa ...
Sal's sister Tricia, her husband Ralph, and their son Tim:

my MIL and her little pup, Noel:
And of course there was dessert.....

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Have a great week ahead,


Momofboys said...

never been kayaking.....looks like fun! great job on the pics with your iPhone while in the kayak!! so nice to see the whole family...thanks for posting those pics =)

Teribelle8 said...

Love the kayak pictures! your mom/dad so adventurous! hehe
the pasta and cake looked yummy...so glad you had a great