Saturday, June 26, 2010

drawing a line in the sand

Today Sal and I headed to our local beach to participate in a (peaceful) protest of offshore oil drilling, and to promote the pressing need for clean & green! energy sources. All in the name of protecting wildlife, our coastlines, the environment.

The event, Hands Across The Sand, was held today at 750 beaches worldwide!! Isn't that awesome? About 200 of us gathered here on Delray Beach, lined up hand-in-hand for 15 minutes, drawing a symbolic "line in the sand" against offshore oil drilling. Sal and I have always been proponents of renewable energy ... wind, solar, hydroelectric, etc. ... and in light of the current horrific oil disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, we felt especially compelled to join in today's event.

We stayed afterwards to splash in the waves and revel in the beauty of our (still oil-free) beach.

Hope you too are enjoying some of summer's pleasures this weekend!

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Momofboys said...

that's great that you and sal participated in the event...hoping your beaches stay clean!