Saturday, July 23, 2011

the Class of 1986

Hey there & happy weekend!

Hope you're staying cool ... whew, baby it's HOT outside! I've been cooling off in one of my favorite places on earth ... my pool !! I love summer! :-)

So we got back from Greece and I was swamped with catching-up on everything.... a month's worth of mail, work at the lab, B&A's vet appts, etc etc ... PLUS ...I had to get ready for my 25th high school reunion! I hadn't decided to attend until during our trip, which meant that when I got home I had only ONE WEEK to buy a new dress (and of course dangly bling-y sparkly earrings to go with it!), get my hair done, and all that. Yikes, no pressure right?!? Ladies - you understand! But, with the help of my Mom (thanks!), I found the perfect "little black dress" and gorgeous earrings. My dress was styled with layers of black lace, very sophisticated ... with the perfect smattering of shiny beads and sequins, for sparkle. And I added some whimsical sparkle with glitter toes...of course!

I loved wearing my new dress and felt so pretty all evening! Sal was my "date" ... and looked so handsome, dapper. How wonderful to walk in with him on my arm! I had a really fun time, meeting up with old friends, reminiscing, seeing my old school colors of orange & green....and hearing my maiden name again, it had been a while!

me & Kay:

Amy, me, Jill & Jody:

me & Eric:

Amy, Eric, me & Valerie:

me & Jeff (who was working in the jewelry store where we bought my engagement ring ... back in 1989):

some of us gals dancing the night away:

Our group photo... unfortunately, this isn't quite everyone who attended...I later realized that not everyone joined in the group photo for some reason??? (that's me third from the right, front row):

The attendance was a kinda low, not sure why? perhaps because of the economy? It was no doubt an expense...the tickets, new attire, travel...but worth it, especially since I didn't attend my 20th. The event was held at a pretty hotel and was spread over 2 evenings; the first was a meet-and-greet with casual dress and snacks. The second evening was formal, with a sit-down dinner, cocktail attire, and dancing (all 80's music... oh, the memories!).

And speaking of music....Lionel Richie was a huge star while I was in high school, and I still love his songs. His duet Endless Love is extra special, it was the song that Sal and I danced to at our wedding. Because the DJ was playing some Lionel already, he snuck in Endless Love and said that it was by "special request" from guess who? Yep, Sal ... MY endless love. We had the dance floor all to ourselves for it. {romantic} and it elicited a huge awwww from the people around us.....

Overall, a lovely & memorable evening ... already looking forward to my 30th HS reunion!

Enjoy the weekend,



Helen Mills said...

Susan, I absolutely LOVE your dress. (don't suppose you'd care to share where it was from?) You look fantastic! Glad you had a fun night.

Susan said...

Hi Helen! Thanks so much for your kind comment! I'm glad to share my find.... I actually saw the dress in 2 different stores! One online, (not available in their stores....yet?) and in the store at Macy's. A couple of notes: the one in Macy's was about double (!!) the price of, but I found that the Macy's dress fit just a little better for some reason, who knows why? They're exactly the same. The dress is also available in a gray/silvery color.
Thanks again! :-)

Momofboys said...

Glad you enjoyed a magical evening and you both looked wonderful!! It's so nice to catch up with friends from high school days. I went to my 20th and it was fun to see people I hadn't seen in years!