Saturday, July 16, 2011

terrific news for B & A !!

Whew, my head has been spinning since we got back home ... lots to catch-up on at home and in the lab... still trying to catch my breath!

But I wanted to stop and share what a WONDERFUL week Buddy & Aruba had !! On Thursday, Buddy took his FINAL dose of chemo! YAY for Buddy! We all hugged and celebrated. He's doing so well, and we're SO thankful. Later this month, his oncologist will take lung X-rays to continue monitoring him ... always such a scary time, but we're hopeful.

And this week we took Aruba for some follow-up with a veterinary internal medicine specialist. She has a nodule in her spleen, poor thing, and we're monitoring it ... however, the specialist did another ultrasound and is not concerned because it doesn't appear to be enlarging appreciably, does not appear diseased, and Aruba has no symptoms. She's as playful and energetic as ever, sweet angel !! And the antioxidants that she's taking for her liver seem to really be helping. Again, we're SO thankful !!

Here's Aruba peeking out the back car window on the way to the vet: For their safety, we don't ride around with the windows down ... but we were stopped at a light and I could tell that she wanted to peek outside, so I lowered the window and then caught a cute view of her from my car's side mirror.

I'll be back soon with pics and details of my 25th high school reunion (it was FUN ... and another reason that I've been busy!) ... oh, and Greece too, promise! I haven't forgotten! Thank you everyone for asking to see the pics and for being so excited. Love my blog readers! :-)

Enjoy the weekend,


Shannon said...

Such fantastic news.....way to go Buddy and Aruba!!!!!

Momofboys said...

Great news!!! Yeah for Buddy and Aruba =) Sounds like you've been very busy...look forward to some pics from your trip to Europe and your reunion!