Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a great day for Buddy !!

Yesterday, Buddy had an important visit to the cancer clinic. Sal and I were nervous; I had a stomach ache from worry. It was time for his oncologist to evaluate if he could indeed stop chemotherapy treatment, and also to take X-rays of his lungs and lymph nodes to verify that they're cancer-free.

And the answers were all GREAT news !! Buddy is DONE with chemo, his lung X-rays were CLEAR, and his bloodwork and other tests came back with GOOD results!

We are SO thankful, and relieved for Buddy. He's happy and seems to feel very good, playful and mischievous ... despite having arthritis and cataracts.

We love our Buddy, and he is a survivor, a MIRACLE !! Yay Buddy!

He goes to the clinic every 2 months, but never forgets exactly where they keep their GIANT treat bowl, and he's transfixed by it ... so cute! ;-)

Gee, I wish my doctor would have treats waiting for me when I go for an appointment, LOL !! How about a tray of cupcakes at the reception desk? Or a candy jar in the exam room? mmm......


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Momofboys said...

YEAH for Buddy!!!! That's great news so happy for you guys and for him =)