Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buddy's home!

Hi everyone and thank you for all of your concern, thoughts, prayers for Buddy!

I'm happy to report that he's home from the hospital and is recovering well !! :-)

We're all so happy to be together again! Aruba missed him so much. It's precious to see how gentle she is with him.

I took Buddy for a follow-up appt with the cardiologist today ... we had lots to cover ... an exam, more chest X-rays, bloodwork, and more meds. She's very encouraged by his progress though, and he's taking premiere heart medications that will help him get and stay strong. Today it was sweet to see the nurses and vet techs at the cardio office responding to Buddy's recovery --- with hugs and kisses! Buddy is just so lovable!

Now he's home getting lots of TLC and a calm, comfortable environment to recuperate. We love you, Buddy!



Momofboys said...

Awww such sweet friends!! I know with all the love and care he is being given Buddy will be completely well soon! The Harris family and especially cousin Nalako send our love =))

Maria said...

Wow! Just saw all the postings. Haven't been on for a while. Sorry to hear about Buddy's health issues. Glad he is doing better.