Monday, June 24, 2013

Buddy's in the hospital

Buddy was admitted to the ICU today, he's not doing well.  :-(

He was limp, dehydrated, his electrolytes all out-of-whack, and some blood values off the charts.  And it all came on pretty suddenly....

Thinking his symptoms might be related to his chronic heart condition, we rushed him to his cardiologist.  She stabilized him a bit and thankfully found no cardiovascular complications, but said he needed to be hospitalized right away.

As in the past, he's in a top-notch, high-tech veterinary facility, with 24/7 expert care.  It's an amazing place, and is where he had lung cancer surgery and care for heart failure.  And it's comforting that I can call anytime, day or night, and get a detailed update on him.  I miss having him at home, caring for him, so this way I can feel connected to him when we're not there visiting.

It has been a sad and hard day.  We're so hoping that Buddy can once again make a strong recovery--- he's known for it!

As always, I appreciate your prayers for our precious Buddy.


Momofboys said...

Oh nooooo! Poor Buddy!! Praying all goes well..thankfully he's in the best of care. But I know his mama and papa can only give him that special love so I hope he's home soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope he is home soon and feeling back to his ol' self...I know how hard it is to be away from them...sending prayers

Hugs Shannon