Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Buddy's (still) in the hospital

Thanks so much to everyone for your comments here at WITW, your emails, texts, and prayers for Buddy.

Although he's still in the ICU, our visit with him last night was encouraging.  He was able to walk around, which was much better than the 'limp' Buddy who was unable to walk when I visited him earlier in the day.

Sadly, the update from his nurse early  this morning was not great.  He's still not eating, his kidneys appear to have a problem, and he spiked a fever overnight.  I'm waiting anxiously for the doctor to call with details/prognosis and then will head up to visit him.  

Hoping to see Buddy recovering and back home with us soon, our sweet angel.  Aruba is looking for him too.....

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