Tuesday, April 22, 2008

that's a wrap!

Wow, what a one-of-a-kind day Sal and I had today! We spent it on the movie set of Marley & Me, based on the book, and starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson (Marley wasn't there.....bummer!). It's being filmed here in south Florida. We were among 80 extras filming 2 scenes, from 3 vantage points, at Miami airport. That airport is quite busy as it is, so it was interesting to watch the production crew orchestrate the film shooting among all of the normal hustle and bustle that's already there. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed, so I have no photos to share {sigh}. They were adamant about that, saying that we'd be escorted off the set immediately if we were caught taking a photo, so I didn't want to chance it and risk losing the opportunity to participate. As a scrapbooker, this was bad news for me, but I'll just have to relay the story in words this time.

Shooting started at 7:00 AM, so we were up at 4:30 AM in order to get down to Miami in time {yawn}. But it was a short day by movie set standards; we were done filming at 1:30 PM.

In all of the scenes, Sal and I were the "happy traveling couple", which is hardly a stretch for us!!! {how perfect} We were asked to bring a variety of clothes, and the first thing we had to do was meet with the wardrobe people to determine what to wear. They had me and Sal wearing jeans and shirts in all of the scenes. We brought everything in our luggage, as instructed, because our bags were to be used as props, given the airport setting. But, they decided that everyone's luggage looked "too contemporary", so they brought out older luggage, since the story is set in the early 90s.

About our scenes.....they were all shot between Terminals F and G, outside, in the passenger drop-off area.....the scenes are fairly early in the storyline......you'll have to look for us in the airport scenes! In the first shoot, Sal and I are walking along the sidewalk, pulling our 90s-style luggage, (they even gave Sal a briefcase to carry too, which was fitting since he often works while we travel, and he looked especially "professorial"), and it's raining a "fake" rain that they created with hoses and water tanks and stuff (Sal's favorite part of the day).....this is while Owen drives up in an old Toyota (with a camera mounted in the back), to pick Jennifer up after she returns from a trip, and she runs to the car in the rain while holding a newspaper over her head. We're probably just a blur in this shoot because of the rain, but oh well.

In the second shoot, which was shot repeatedly, Sal and I are holding hands walking off of the pedestrian bridge, crossing traffic and going toward the terminal. You'll see a staged pair of flight attendants standing and chatting where the bridge and street intersect. In this scene, Owen and Jen are again in their car several yards away from us.

A third shoot had me and Sal simply standing with our luggage curbside, chatting. We're in the distance beyond Jen and Owen, who are again at their car. All the people that you see around us in the scene....those walking past us, or running by us to catch flights, or flight crews, or people getting into or out of cabs, are all extras.....it was all staged. Pretty cool!

We're hoping that we'll be visible in some of the scenes, but of course all of us extras were "background". So, you'll just have to look closely for us!

It was neat to watch the production crew take care of the details to create the correct setting and feel for the story....some extras brought their 90s model cars for the shoots, and the crew put fake license plates on them so that they'd have a 90s registration sticker....and, of course, we weren't allowed to use cell phones or have them clipped to our belts because that technology wasn't available in the early 90s....cell phones were a lot bigger then, and it was beepers/pagers that were the norm! Remember?

The movie's release date is Christmas day.....see you there!

P.S. ~ Jen asked me where I get my hair done.....{kidding}

P.P.S ~ Happy 41st anniversary to my parents today! And happy Earth Day!


Claudia said...

that is so cool! we'll just have to go and see it to try and catch a glimpse of our cousins!! glad you had fun with it!

Emily B said...

How fun! So any observations about Jen and Owen?

perilloparodies said...

cool!!!!!!!! can't wait to try and spot you!! glad you've been having so much fun. keep us filled in. love to all...