Thursday, February 19, 2009

a sad day for SoFla scrapbookers

Last night, my fave scrapbook store, Scrapbook Your Art Out in Boca Raton, sent out an e-mail announcement that they would be closing their doors. Oh no! My heart sank. I'll miss the fun and friendship of that pleasant (and cute) shop.

The e-mail said that they were putting their entire inventory on sale at 75% off immediately, and ordinarily a sale like that would excite me. But, not under these circumstances. I'm saddened to lose this great place to shop, scrap, and socialize. Their bingo crops were especially fun.

I stopped by the store in the early afternoon today and already many of the shelves were emptied. I picked up a few ribbons and paints, but really wasn't in the mood to shop (that's saying something!). Instead, I sat in the store's cafe, sipping a Pepsi while visiting and reminiscing with my fellow scrappers and the SBYAO owners.

I left the store with a heavy heart. I'll miss it! :-(

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Momofboys said...

awwww so sorry to hear that susan! i know how much you love scrapbooking and that place...maybe someone will open another store close to you! then there is always the internet =)