Monday, February 16, 2009

that "other" Where In The World

Pretty soon Matt Lauer will be wandering the world again for his Where In The World is Matt Lauer? segment on The Today Show. I love it, it's such fun! (except that I get the WITW jingle stuck in my head for days!)

This year marks his 10th anniversary of globetrotting, and viewers are being given the chance to suggest destinations for Matt. You can click HERE to choose a place on the world map, and can tell them why you picked it. I chose Tahiti ... because I dream of going there, and I rarely see any travel shows about it. Why is that anyway? I'm curious where you'd like him to visit?

Matt's 5-locales-in-5-days trek usually begins sometime in April. Of course, I'll have all the updates right here. Stay tuned!

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