Friday, May 22, 2009

change of plans.....

Hi everyone ... I really thought I'd be blogging from Orlando right now ... but plans quickly changed when Buddy started feeling bad Wednesday night. We arrived at my parents house, and he just wasn't himself ... lethargic, no appetite, feverish. So, since then, he has been in and out of a local animal hospital here near my parents'. Of course, we immediately canceled our entire weekend in Orlando to be with him and to help him recover.

Thankfully, tonight he is showing signs of turning around. It seems that he had a delayed reaction to the chemotherapy. Poor Buddy! And I had a stomach ache from worry! He's here with us at my parents' tonight, resting ... and he ate dinner, hurray!

This is not what any of us planned ... Buddy & Aruba were supposed to be having a fun-filled weekend with "Grandma & Grandpa" while Sal and I got a little R&R in Orlando. Hopefully we can some other time.

Buddy will get one more blood test at the vet Saturday morning, and then hopefully he can enjoy some fun time this weekend.

Sorry ... wish I had some fun pics and details to post instead!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend.


Helen Mills said...

Such a shame you miss out on your R&R trip to Orlando. Hope your fur-buddy is feeling better soon :-)

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry that you were not able to enjoy your vacation for the second time :(

Glad Buddy is doing better!

Love, Mom