Saturday, May 2, 2009

happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Today is National Scrapbooking Day (always on the first Saturday of May)! It's a day to celebrate this wonderful hobby, art, and craft.

I'll be celebrating with a "shop hop" among my 3 local sb stores ... Everything Scrapbook in Lake Worth, Scrapbook Place in Boca Raton, and Cherry Blossom Studio in Coconut Creek. I'm really looking forward to joining in on all the FUN they have planned, like special sales, projects, prizes, snacks, etc. I feel so lucky that I still have local sb'ing stores, all within 30 minutes of home. Lots of stores across the country have closed due to the sour economy. I often hear scrapbookers complain that their nearest store is now a 2-hour drive away, yikes! And online shopping just ain't the same.

Attention fellow scrappers! ... have you seen this? ... Bazzill (the cardstock company that ALL scrappers love) has a new online tool called Bazzill Matchmaker. Just choose a patterned paper collection (they list lines from a variety of manufacturers), and the tool will bring up which colors of Bazzill's cardstock coordinate best! Check it out.

What is your scrapbook color? The May issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine has a fun "Color Me" quiz online for you to find out. Just answer 10 questions about your scrapbooking style and voila! you just might learn something about yourself. I'm a red scrapbooker ... who knew? ... which doesn't necessarily mean that I love the color red, but instead indicates that "You have a real passion for this hobby. Your pages are colorful, bold, lively and full of adventure. You may enjoy travel and have many vacation photos. You like your albums to reflect your zest for life and the varied experiences you enjoy." I'd say that description of me is pretty much right on! So, what color scrapbooker are you?

Enjoy the holiday! :-)

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